Your ROM Coaches

Learn a little bit about the team guiding you to greater mobility and pain-free movement.

Eric Wong, Head Coach & Founder

Eric aka Coach E here. I've always loved to move and play sports. But I never realized just how important it all was until it was taken away for a few months due to back surgery when I was 14 years old. My 20's were spent training pro MMA fighters while training intensely alongside them. But in my 30's when little nagging aches and pains started to appear I dedicated myself to mobility training and movement longevity as my focus - not an afterthought. After teaching my methods to hundreds of thousands online, I was inspired to create ROM Coach to make mobility training more accessible, more effective and more fun. I drink water, black coffee and IPAs, in that order. 

Laura Cullen, Coach

Hey, I’m Laura. I believe movement is as crucial for the body as it is for the mind. I’m a personal trainer, Registered Nurse and lifelong learner who particularly enjoys researching biomechanics, neuroscience, trauma resilience and performance psychology. I’m also into Pilates, dancing, sunshine, skin care, body positivity and surprisingly dark humour. It’s all about balance.

Damian Lockhart, Coach

Hey, I'm Damian. I believe managing one's fitness successfully is a unique form of personal power and success that feels deeply satisfying if we’ve chosen an approach that is right for us. I believe health and fitness is truly fundamental to our internal happiness. Beyond regular strength and flexibility training, I also like to run, bike, play frisbee, baseball, and volleyball. Much love.

Jazz Kamal, Coach

I'm Jazz Kamal and my physical poetry is movement. For me, movement is intentional action backed by structural integrity. It's being able to control and feel every step of a body sequence to deepen our understanding of how we move, why we move, and how to create endless choices with our bodies without fear of pain.

Joshua Kahn, Coach

Hey, I'm Joshua. Movement seems like the easiest thing in the world, which makes it even easier to take for granted. How often do we ignore stiffness or minor pains that end up reducing our ability to move? I’m a physical health educator, helping people use movement to overcome pain and limitations so they can get back to and keep doing the things they love, better. I’m excited to join you in this community as we prepare to live our lives.