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Make ROM Coach iPad and Tablet friendly

Right now the app is designed for mobile phones only and it doesn’t scale properly to iPads or tablets. Vote this up if you plan on using one of these devices as your primary way to use ROM Coach.

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8 votes

Exercise Regressions?

Doing Hip Rotation I the other day, I found I was unable to the 90/90 airplane hinge (couldn’t support my body upright so I had to use a foam roller to balance). Maybe it would be a good idea to add a button along the lines of “I find this exercise too challenging” that can […]

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5 votes

Add notes to each exercise, or at least to each routine

LOVE this app! As someone for whom several of the exercises are challenging to the point where I don’t yet have the stamina/strength to complete all reps/cycles, it would be helpful to be able to note what I was able to do, so that I can track my progress. For example, to be able to […]

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Hi! I think that it would be very useful if the AVOID is included into the description of the exercises. Example: AVOID If you have herniated or bulging disc at certain level, or if you have chondromalacia, or any other injury. That way people who’s injured can be warned when certain exercise is not suitable […]

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4 votes

DMT Shuffle

Some days I just don’t want to do a certain exercise – one example was I’d done a workout with 3 sets of squats, and squats came up in the DMT the next day. So if I could have pressed a shuffle option, and 3 different exercises came up I’d be more likely to do […]

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4 votes

Add “favourite” button to exercises in DMR and routines.

It would be good to be able to quickly “favourite” a particularly helpful exercise that shows up in a routine or in DMR. It seems like the only way to add a favourite is to go into the library and find the exercise. Often by the time I’m finished the daily routines, I forget to […]

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4 votes

DMT - option of adding exercises

Now DMT has only 3 exercises which does not cover the whole body if you don’t have specific areas to work on. Having the option of choosing how long your DMT takes or how many exercises you want would be an improvement.

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4 votes

Replay button at excercise clip

When clip ends there is no option to replay it. You have to manually choose begining from progression bar.

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Better Clarity Around Sets vs. Reps vs. Cycles

Some movements tell you exactly what constitutes one cycle but in other cases I’m sometimes confused about how many I’m supposed to do on each side and how many times to repeat.

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