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2 votes

access feature ideas board directly from menu

maybe just my bias but I feel one-click to feature request board from the “more…” menu (as opp to clicking FAQ or Contact Us to do it) is better to encourage feedback

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3 votes

Loop Last Session

This is bit of an odd one. I’ve done Shoulder Mobility I and II (and now pass the hands behind the back test). I really like both those routines and wanted to continue after finishing number 12. This feature would let you schedule an ongoing repeat of the last session. I just go find it […]

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4 votes

DMT Shuffle

Some days I just don’t want to do a certain exercise – one example was I’d done a workout with 3 sets of squats, and squats came up in the DMT the next day. So if I could have pressed a shuffle option, and 3 different exercises came up I’d be more likely to do […]

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4 votes

Add “favourite” button to exercises in DMR and routines.

It would be good to be able to quickly “favourite” a particularly helpful exercise that shows up in a routine or in DMR. It seems like the only way to add a favourite is to go into the library and find the exercise. Often by the time I’m finished the daily routines, I forget to […]

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2 votes

Show how to turn on the sound.

For a while, I thought I was the dumbo BUT … 2 people I have recommended ROM coach to, told me they’ve stopped using it since the sound sometimes does not turn on. I had to talk to your support to find out you have to turn on the ringer sound in order to hear […]

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1 vote

Bedtime Routine

Would it be possible to get an end of day routine? A literal “I am in my pjs about to hop into bed” set of movements (so no getting on the floor moves). Would love to feel I am setting myself up for a restful night’s sleep and ready to do the next ROM DMT […]

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3 votes

PC/Web browser support

I would love being able to use ROM Coach on my computer. I’ve completely cut out my smartphone from my daily life, giving me a lot of peace. The ROM Coach content seems superb, though. I think many people would like being able to log in on their laptop. Coach E has mentioned “Instabutt” in […]

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4 votes

DMT - option of adding exercises

Now DMT has only 3 exercises which does not cover the whole body if you don’t have specific areas to work on. Having the option of choosing how long your DMT takes or how many exercises you want would be an improvement.

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