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4 votes

Replay button at excercise clip

When clip ends there is no option to replay it. You have to manually choose begining from progression bar.

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Disable video auto play on programmed routines

This is a proposed minor improvement for regular users of the app.. When you’re browsing or first learning a movement or routine it’s useful to have the overview auto play when you select the item. Once you’ve been doing a programmed routine for a couple of weeks, you find yourself constantly pausing the overview in […]

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5 votes

Add notes to each exercise, or at least to each routine

LOVE this app! As someone for whom several of the exercises are challenging to the point where I don’t yet have the stamina/strength to complete all reps/cycles, it would be helpful to be able to note what I was able to do, so that I can track my progress. For example, to be able to […]

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Routine for working from home

Could you put together a routine/ daily routine for people working from home? It’s super easy to get stagnant at a desk at home and get stiff and tight in the neck, shoulders and hamstrings

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4 votes

Better Clarity Around Sets vs. Reps vs. Cycles

Some movements tell you exactly what constitutes one cycle but in other cases I’m sometimes confused about how many I’m supposed to do on each side and how many times to repeat.

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Hi! I think that it would be very useful if the AVOID is included into the description of the exercises. Example: AVOID If you have herniated or bulging disc at certain level, or if you have chondromalacia, or any other injury. That way people who’s injured can be warned when certain exercise is not suitable […]

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4 votes

Videos: Improve clarity on how to apply ASMR

It is difficult sometimes to see precisely where ASMR is to be performed. Unlike the movement videos where usually a large-ish part of the body is being moved (hip, leg, arm) – the ASMR videos involve applying pressure to a smaller part of the body where they may be several adjacent muscles close to each […]

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4 votes

Description under clip

Add description / bullet points under all exercises similar to DMT videos so that we don’t have to keep referencing the video.

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2 votes

Include Age Equality and Make Handicap Accessible

No problem in using app. Have not used the scheduler, so can’t comment on that option, but everything else worked (except sound of course). Eric, your recovery programs are great. As a 70 year-old male in recovery from 15 years of knee, hips, lower back, and shoulder chronic pain and dysfunction, I have benefited from […]

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3 votes

Include where/how should I feel this ?

Many of the exercises it is obvious where you should feel something. E.g. lumbar spine – push ups. Some of the newer ones it’s not so clear. E.g tripod reach – where in the shoulder would you feel that, to what degree. The cues on the videos are excellent – perhaps the text description of […]

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