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Videos: Improve clarity on how to apply ASMR

It is difficult sometimes to see precisely where ASMR is to be performed. Unlike the movement videos where usually a large-ish part of the body is being moved (hip, leg, arm) – the ASMR videos involve applying pressure to a smaller part of the body where they may be several adjacent muscles close to each […]

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Include Age Equality and Make Handicap Accessible

No problem in using app. Have not used the scheduler, so can’t comment on that option, but everything else worked (except sound of course). Eric, your recovery programs are great. As a 70 year-old male in recovery from 15 years of knee, hips, lower back, and shoulder chronic pain and dysfunction, I have benefited from […]

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Include where/how should I feel this ?

Many of the exercises it is obvious where you should feel something. E.g. lumbar spine – push ups. Some of the newer ones it’s not so clear. E.g tripod reach – where in the shoulder would you feel that, to what degree. The cues on the videos are excellent – perhaps the text description of […]

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Kinesiology 101 in FAQ

I spent about 10 minutes today figuring out which way internal and external rotation goes in relation to shoulders. I know it absolutely for hips – they’re easier to see – but shoulders I wasn’t sure. The PM courses have the Kinesiology intro. – so perhaps including or linking to some text or a head […]

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8 votes

Exercise Regressions?

Doing Hip Rotation I the other day, I found I was unable to the 90/90 airplane hinge (couldn’t support my body upright so I had to use a foam roller to balance). Maybe it would be a good idea to add a button along the lines of “I find this exercise too challenging” that can […]

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4 votes

Group routines by sport/activity

I think it’d be useful to group routines/programs by sport or activity. E.g. MMA routine would have a focus on hip/shoulder mobility

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2 votes

Add haptic feedback

A little (judiciously applied) haptic feedback goes a long way with apps. It’s nice to have (and most users are used to having) subtle sensory cues to let us know we are interacting with the app correctly. Has nothing to do with exercises and everything to do with the basics: – did I select the […]

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12 votes

Make ROM Coach iPad and Tablet friendly

Right now the app is designed for mobile phones only and it doesn’t scale properly to iPads or tablets. Vote this up if you plan on using one of these devices as your primary way to use ROM Coach.

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