Improve mobility

Move & feel younger

Whether you're feeling a bit tight or you've got nagging pain holding you back, ROM Coach will guide you to improve your mobility so you can move and feel younger than you actually are.

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1,052 ratings

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How to get started

After downloading ROM Coach, follow these 4 steps to improve mobility and movement longevity

Setup your Daily
Movement Tuneup

Highlight areas of concern and ROM Coach will customize the exercises you see each day

Do the DMT Everyday

The DMT takes just 3-5 minutes a day and after 1-2 weeks you'll have mobilized every joint and activated every muscle in your body

Take the Movement Age Assessment

Perform the assessment to discover if you move older or younger than your actual age

Fix Your Imbalances and Dysfunctions

Follow the recommended routines based on your Movement Age to get you moving and feeling younger

What others are saying about ROM Coach

Bobbin Mill

"Does what it says on the label! I have been using Eric's programs on and off for 6 years. I have frequent hip and shoulder/upper back pain due to the work I do. I know that as I approach middle age, I need to do more maintenance of my strength, flexibility, range of motion. This app is fantastic motivation!"

Paul Copplestone

"I have a shoulder impingement and decided to download this app after reading the reviews. I had tried several other similar apps but this one is by far the best. Last week I visited a physiotherapist as I wasn't sure what I was doing was right, he was so impressed with the movements I was doing he downloaded the app!"


"While I have only been doing some of the techniques a couple of weeks, I have experienced some small but definite improvement in my ROM. I have hope that this program can allow me to continue to hike, hunt, and remain active for longer. Any age will benefit- but if you are a little older and have chronic pain, you should explore what this program has to offer."

CB floss boss

"These exercises and routines have helped me so much!! I have been doing dental hygiene for 30 years so I have a lot of issues. Everyone should give it a try if they want to get stronger, have better mobility and range of motion for the long haul. Rom Coach is the real deal not just a bandaid!"

Vermont meditator

"I am a pilates teacher and movement educator. This app is helping me improve my understanding of dynamic, functional movement training and is consistently helping my clients and myself find better results during our sessions and classes. I’m so grateful to Eric and his team for offering such an intelligent, efficient, effective, and user friendly program. Many thanks!"

Murray Janis

"Do an assessment, then start you mobility routines, which are well thought out, for your problem areas. In addition doing The DMT (Daily Movement Tune-up), three exercises that work through all the other areas so that they are not neglected."

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