Do Not Hit 'Back" As It Can Accidentally Cause You To Double-Order

Get LIFETIME Access to the ROM Coach App & the Precision Movement Academy

You just signed up for the KNEE Pain Solution, which will help you eliminate pain and build resilience to prevent knee issues in the future. It's designed to be a resource you can turn to for the rest of your life because if you live an active lifestyle, bumps, bruises, strains and sprains happen. So smart move! 

Our mission is to help you move freely and without pain so you can do the active things you love, for the rest of your life. That's what we keep in mind when we create our courses, and what we had in mind when developing the ROM Coach mobile app.

Since you're here and it's clear you're on this movement longevity journey with us, we'd like to make you a very special offer on lifetime access to ROM Coach and the Precision Movement Academy so we can support your lifetime of moving freely and without pain.

ROM Coach

Regular Price: $499

Here's just some of what's included in our ROM Coach app (available on iOS and Android):

  • 160+ exercises developed by Coach E that you won't find anywhere else
  • 50+ routines for pain, mobility and sport-specific mobility training
  • The Daily Movement Tuneup (DMT) that takes just 3-5 minutes a day and mobilizes every joint and activates every muscle in your body every 1-2 weeks
  • ROM Coach groups where you can ask us questions and get support
  • Intuitive scheduling with built-on progression as you do your routines
  • Customizable notifications to help keep you on track

And we've got a number of new features in store including pain and injury assessments that will guide you to the most appropriate routines for specific problems, joint ROM assessments to objectively measure and track your progress utilizing the camera on your phone and more intelligent programming that will make following multiple routines easier.

The Precision Movement Academy

Regular Price: $499

In addition to lifetime access to ROM Coach, you also get instant (and lifetime) access to the Precision Movement Academy, including our complete library of courses and more.


The Foundation for Movement Longevity


The Fundamental Precision Movements



Hip Control


Spine Control


Shoulder Control


Lower Limb Control


Upper Limb Control



Hip Flexibility Solution


TFL Pain Solution


Scap Strength


Knee Recovery Program




Additional benefits of Academy membership

  • Full Body Mobility Routines to work your whole body unlike anything you've experienced before that are exclusive to Academy students and not found anywhere else.
  • Range Specific Routines (RSR) that are laser targeted to improve a specific range of motion i.e. hip flexion or shoulder extension ($513 value)
  • New Strength and Conditioning workouts each month including weights, bodyweight circuits and interval training to improve your fitness without getting your body out of balance through poorly designed programs.
  • Monthly LIVE Q&A Sessions where you can Join Dr. B and/or Coach E to get any questions you have answered.
  • Access to the Exclusive Movement Database that includes hundreds of flexibility and mobility techniques that you can put together and save to create your own customized routines.

If this sounds good to you, lock-in LIFETIME access to ROM Coach and the Precision Movement Academyfor a single, one-time payment today. 

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