Hip Rotation I Routine Update

July 25, 2020

Hip Rotation I is one of the more popular routines in ROM Coach and as such, we've received some feedback from some that the exercises were quite challenging. 

I've been doing the routine myself and I agree that as in intro to hip rotation, it might be a steep learning curve, especially if hip rotation is lacking.

So I've altered the routine slightly to include exercises that are a better entry point, whether you have hip rotation issues or not:

- Swapped 90/90 Airplane Hinge for 90/90 Side Bend

- Swapped 4-Point Hip CAR for (Standing) Hip CAR

Routines that have already been completed aren't affected (so if they were checked as complete, they'll remain as such). All scheduled routines will have the new exercises.  

Some of the exercises that have been swapped out will reappear in Hip Rotation II, which I suggest you begin after completing Hip Rotation I. 

If you have any comments or questions about this change, please contact me via this form or by emailing hey@rom.coach. 

Thanks and happy mobilizing!