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4 votes

Smarter reminders

Sometimes I do the DMT or other routine before my scheduled time. It would be nice if the app checked if a routine was done before reminding to do it that day.

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1 vote

Streamline starting a routine

Instead of hitting the play button, which starts the video but not the routine tiimer, then the blue “Go!” button, which starts the routine timer and RESTARTS the video, why not just do away with the Go button? Start the video and timer from the play button under Today’s training.

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3 votes

Cycling specific exercises

How about cycling warmup, specific mobility and cooldown similar to your routines for tennis and running?

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4 votes

Larger font on the video instructions

Can you make the font on the video instructions larger so they’re more easily seen while doing the exercises from a distance?

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1 vote

Ski (alpine/downhill) specific routines

It would be great to have a few ski (alpine/downhill) specific routines like ROM Coach already has for tennis and running. Warming up and cooling down is often neglected or hard to do when arriving at the mountain. Not to mention some of the specific movements associated with skiing itself. Thanks!

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7 votes

Allow "Back" button in workouts

Occasionally I hit the green checkbox for an exercise before I should have. The app does not let me go back to the exercise. I have to Quit and restart the workout to get back to the exercise. Need a “Back” button to navigate the exercises. Thanks

2 votes

PM Fundamentals Tutorials

I’ve learned over the last 2 years many things from Precision Movement and what makes PM different (and better! :-)). It’s not possible to fit over 20 years of kinesiology experience and coaching knowledge into an app. of course – but perhaps it’s worth adding in a few videos on fundamentals. The reason for this […]

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3 votes

Mobility Pathways

I’m not 100% sure how to phrase this, but this idea is about progressions between routines (and beyond). For example. I’ve done both of the ‘Total Shoulder Mobility’ routines some time ago. Many of those exercises are favourites and in (or will be in) Custom Routines. When I got to the end of Shoulder Mobility […]

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