Answers to the most frequently asked questions about ROM Coach

Training Questions

What is the Movement Age assessment?

The Movement Age assessment is a comprehensive self-assessment of your flexibility and mobility that gives you a simple score called your Movement Age. Complete the assessment and you'll receive a score that tells you that you move the same as, older or younger than your actual chronological age. The tests were carefully selected to reflect movements important to everyday life and test every joint in your body.

Based on your Movement Age you'll be recommended specific routines to address your particular deficiencies that will help you move and feel younger than your age. 

What's the difference between flexibility and mobility?

Flexibility is passive while mobility is active. Think of flexibility as your ability to be bent, while mobility is your ability to bend.

Lying on your back and having someone lift your leg up until your hamstrings get tight is an example of flexibility.

Lying on your back and lifting your own leg up using your hip flexors until your hamstrings get tight is an example of mobility.

Why is mobility training important?

If we don't use it, we lose it. 

Mobility training is to a lifetime of pain-free movement as cardio is to a healthy heart and lungs and strength training is to strong muscles and bones.

Whether your goal is to move freely and without pain or you're a high-performance athlete looking for peak performance in your sport, proper mobility training is necessary and the ROM Coach app is like having a mobility coach in your pocket.

Can I use this app if I'm really out of shape?

The great thing about the exercises in ROM Coach are that they meet you where you are - if you're totally out of shape then you might not be able to achieve as great a range of motion as someone in really good shape (or vice versa!), but you'll still be able to perform the exercises.

With consistent practice, you WILL improve!

In fact, if you're out of shape, ROM Coach is a great place to start before any other intense workouts i.e. Bodyweight HIIT classes, strength training, playing sports etc. because in ROM Coach you work on the fundamentals of human movement that apply to every other activity and sport.

How long should I rest between sets?

Rest as little as 15 seconds for a quick reset up to 1 minute if your muscles need a bit more time to recover.

For exercises that are new to you, take advantage of the rest period by reviewing the video before starting your next set. Proper form matters.

How often should I redo the Movement Age assessment?

I suggest redoing the Movement Age assessment every 3 months (quarterly) to every 6 months.

At a bare minimum, wait 8 weeks before redoing it because you'll want to give yourself the chance to fully complete a Recommended Routine for any issues the assessment identifies, so you have the opportunity to pass something that you previously failed. 

Just remember that the goal of ROM Coach isn't necessarily to train you so you can pass every test, but to make exercising for movement health and longevity a regular part of your life and by doing so, you will move and feel younger than your age.

What do terms like ROM, ASMR and 'neutral spine' mean?

ROM stands for Range of Motion, which is the available range that a joint can move.

For the full (and growing) glossary where you'll find definitions for the terms and acronyms used in the ROM Coach app, click here.

When I'm viewing Single Exercises or Routines, why aren't reps shown?

Reps are prescribed and programmed in a progressive fashion and shown only inside Routines after they've been added to your Calendar. 

This is because the real value of the app lies not in doing an exercise or workout once, but in repeating it over time in a progressive fashion, forcing your body to adapt and improve. 

However, if you're really interested in seeing Reps inside Single Exercises and Routines when browsing them in the Library, leave your request (or Vote it up if it already exists) on the ROM Coach Feature Ideas board here.

NOTE that you'll need to create an account separate from your ROM Coach app account to vote or add your own feature ideas.

Tech Questions

Can I submit feature ideas or improvements for the app?

We'd definitely love to hear your idea(s)!

Just send a message through the Contact form or email us directly at hey@rom.coach.

Don't be shy now, we love hearing from you guys.

Is there supposed to be sound on the videos?

Yes, there are voiceovers for all exercise videos - this was a common feature request on our Feature Ideas board and we've delivered!

If you can't hear any audio, tap on the video as it's playing and tap on the volume/speaker 🔊 icon to toggle it on. And of course, make sure your phone's volume is up. 

Movement Age assessment videos do not have a voiceover as it's unnecessary for this purpose.

Is the app free?

The ROM Coach app is free to download and gives you a full taste of our training methodology and access to all app features, without any annoying ads.

You also have the option to upgrade to the premium version of the app. Upgrading unlocks your ability to view every exercise in the Library, favourite exercises and routines and add an unlimited # of routines to your calendar.

How do I get my account and data deleted?

Shoot an email to us at hey@rom.coach telling us you'd like your account and data deleted and we'll get it done then let you know as soon as we have. 

Still have a question?

VISIT THIS LINK to submit your issue via our support form and we'll get back to you as soon as possible (usually within a business day).


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